We want you to feel safe in how we gather your personal information and how we use them.

When you use our (Lively Wines Sweden AB, org. nr 556967-4434) website, become a customer with us or join our wine club you accept that we treat your personal information according to this policy.

When we treat information about you in these matters we are in charge of personal information.

How do we handle your information?

We treat your personal information so that we can fulfill deals according to the law, communicate with you and to create a better website.

To do this we save your personal information as long as we need to meet these demands. Se below.

What information do we gather about you and why?

Depending on what activity it concerns we treat your information differently.


Guldtaxen is our wine club that is totally free to join. When you join we gather your personal information to be able to fulfill our obligations according to our deals with you as a member. When you join we need the following from you:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Home adress
  • User name
  • IP-address

This information is a part of Guldtaxen from when you join up until a year after.

Through Guldtaxen you can join different events and tastings, both those that are free and those that cost money.

When you do that we gather some more information about you, in part to fulfill our agreement towards you and also what is necessary by law.

If you pay by card this is done through our partner Stripe that treat your name, email and card information.

Any information connected to a purchase is saved for 7 years according to the law (1999:1078)

Customer with Lively Wines

If you are a customer with Lively Wines we need to gather your personal information in order to fulfill your deal with us and for us to fulfill our obligations towards you.

Personal information that we gather about you as a client is the following.

  • Business
  • Organization number and persona number
  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Invoice and delivery address
  • Invoice references

Any information is saved for 7 years according to the law (1999:1078)


We sometimes send out email or mail regarding news or events that we think you might be interested in.

You can always dismiss the emails by clicking on the link in the end of the email or by contacting us.

E-mails or questions

When you contact us we need to treat the information you send to us.

We need to process the information in order to fulfill our deals with you or for you to be able to take part in a deal with us.

If your questions is not regarding taking part in a deal with us we process the information according to a different process.

Webb site

When you contact us through our website we also save your IP address.

Social media

If you communicate with us through social media we refer to the laws of the respective platforms.

What are my rights?

You always have the right to take part of the information that we saved about you.

You always have the right to a free export of data per year.

You also have the right to ask that we correct wrongful information about you

You can also ask that we remove saved information about you.

Its called the right to be forgotten. Because of the law (1999:1078) and other laws we have to save certain information about you even after we have handled your request to be forgotten.

If you wish to do this you send us your request to

We usually handle your request within 30 days.

When you send us your request we have to make sure that we are handling the correct persons details. In order to do so we request that you send us a image of a correct id. We will delete the picture as soon as it has been used.


We have work continually to improve our handling of your personal information. That could mean that we have to change and or update this policy.

Questions and comments

If you have questions and or comments about the handling of your data you can contact us at

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