Today the map of the wine business is reshaped and transformed by the hour. Change is constant and ever increasing customer demands requires us to be on top of things and take initiative. If we don’t, somebody else will!

At the heart of our business is a growing, profitable, predictable and sustainable operation. We refer to CSR as Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD) as it is part of developing our business and not only a matter of responsibility.

In order to succeed with our initiatives, we need to master the art of doing two things at once. 1, we need to act responsibly within our own business i.e. taking financial, environmental and social responsibility for our internal operations. 2, take that responsibility into our product development and try to influence the operations of our producers. We define this as either “to be or to do” CSD.

To be Sustainable Lively Wines have taken the following initiatives

  • As of 2018 we are members of SVL – Swedish Wine and Spirits Association. More info on SVL  here;
  • Started the implementation of an EMS – Environmental Management System which will audited by a 3rd party. More info on Svensk Miljöbas here;
  • Invested in training our Management in Sustainability

To do Sustainability LW/IWC have taken the following initiatives

  • Chosen to work with one of the few SA8000 – Certified Wineries
  • Chosen to work with Fairtrade and Fair for Life Certified products
  • Chosen to work with organic products


To be Sustainable Lively Wines have taken the following initiatives

  • Evaluation of an QMS – Quality Management System
  • Evaluation of becoming a members of amfori BSCI
  • Evaluation of training options for enjoy wine responsibly

This part of our website will be continuously updated and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.